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About our research

Crystal growth research at UVic has two major parts: experimental and theoretical.

The experimental research is presently focused on the growth of semiconducting single crystals of CdTe, GaSb, SiGe, GaInAs, GaInSb, and CdZnTe by the solution growth techniques known as Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy (LPEE), Liquid Phase Diffusion (LPD), and Travelling Heater Method (THM). The Zone Refining (ZR) of metals such as Cd, Te, and Zn, and compounds CdTe also has experimental and numerical components. Crystal growth systems for the growth of Si, Ge and SiGe by Czochralski (Cz) and for CdTe by Vapour Phase Growth (VFG) are presently under development. Some of the features of these facilities are summarized in the Facilities section.

The theoretical research includes the model development and numerical simulations for the transport phenomena involved in the growth processes of mentioned above. Sophisticated 3-D numerical simulations have been carried out for various aspects of these growth processes including the CFD analysis for fluid flow in the growth solutions, heat and mass transfer analysis for the growth solution and grown crystals, and the effects of applied magnetic and electric fields (see the Selected Publications section).

Almost all electronic and optoelectronic devices need single crystal semiconducting materials with specific material properties. For all applications, materials with a minimum number of point defects, structural dislocations, and background impurities are required. Such materials can be obtained using a variety of processing techniques, usually referred to as crystal growth. Most of the crystals used in the device industry are obtained commercially by the Czochralski and Bridgman methods. The solution growth techniques of LPEE, LPD, and THM have great potential to become commercial techniques. Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages over others.

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